Imaging Features Of Discospondylitis In Two Horses


Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2006;47:159-164.

Two horses with discospondylitis are described with emphasis on the imaging modalities used and their contribution to the final diagnosis and outcome. Radiographic findings were vertebral endplate lysis with sclerosis in both horses, with additional vertebral subluxation and ventral spondylosis in one horse. Ultrasonographic findings included vertebral malalignment and obliteration of the intervertebral disc by spondylotic bone in one horse and irregular endplates, a widened disc space, a hypoechoic paravertebral abscess and hypoechoic, atrophic adjacent musculature with loss of linear fiber pattern in the other horse. Bone scintigraphy excluded additional affected sites. A systematic approach is recommended when performing an ultrasound examination of the spine.