Congenital hypothyroidism in a boxer dog

Mooney CT, Anderson TJ.

Journal of Small Animal Practice 1993;34:31-35.

Congenital central hypothyroidism was diagnosed in a one-year-old boxer dog. The dog was presented for investigation of lameness, lethargy and obesity. Survey skeletal radiographs revealed delayed bone maturation and epiphyseal dysgenesis. A diagnosis of hypothyroidism was confirmed on the basis of a low basal serum thyroxine (T4) concentration that failed to increase following bovine thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) administration. However, repeated administration of TSH resulted in reactivation of the thyroid gland suggesting a central rather than a primary problem. Consistently low basal plasma Cortisol concentrations were suggestive of a concurrent secondary or tertiary hypoadrenocorticism. Surprisingly, plasma growth hormone concentrations were elevated before treatment but decreased once thyroid replacement therapy had commenced.