Canine Lat1: Molecular Structure, Distribution and Its Expression in Cancer Samples

Ochiai H, Morishita T, Onda K, et al.

J Vet Med Sci 2012.

A full-length cDNA sequence of canine L-type amino acid transporter 1 (Lat1) was determined from a canine brain. The sequence was 1,828 bp long and was predicted to encode 485 amino acid polypeptides. The deduced amino acid sequence of canine Lat1 showed 93.2 and 91.1% similarities to those of humans and rats, respectively. Northern blot analysis detected Lat1 expression in the cerebellum at 4 kb, and Western blot analysis showed a single band at 40 kDa. RT-PCR analysis revealed a distinct expression of Lat1 in the pancreas and testis in addition to the cerebrum and cerebellum. Notably, Lat1 expression was observed in the tissues of thyroid cancer, melanoma and hemangiopericytoma. Although the cancer samples examined were not enough, Lat1 may serve as a useful biomarker of cancer cells in veterinary clinic.