Thyroid Function in the Cats: Assessment by the TRH Response Test and the Thyrotropin Stilmulation Test

Sparkes A.H.

Journal of Small Animal Practice, 1991. 32: p.59-63.

Changes in total thyroxine (T4), free T4 and total tri-Iodothyronine (T3) were measured in 13 cats after the intravenous injection of varying doses of thyrotrophin stimulating hormone (TSH) (0·5 U/cat n = 6; 1 U/cat n = 8: 1 U/kg bodyweight, n = 7) or thyrotrophin releasing hormone (TRH) (100 ug/cat, n = 10). All three doses of TSH resulted in a significant (P < 0·05) rise in T4, free T4 and T3 levels, with the mean peak in hormone concentrations occurring six to eight hours after injection. The three doses of TSH all appeared to produce maximal stimulation of thyroid hormone secretion.