Short- And Long-Term Follow-Up of Hyperthyroid Cats Treated with Transdermal Methimazole

Boretti F.S., Sieber-Ruckstuhl N.S., Tschuor F., et al.

Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine, 2006. 20(6): p.1523-1524.

During the last years alternative treatment of hyperthyroid cats using transdermal methimazole has increasingly been used. However, so far only one study evaluated treatment response for up to 7 months and no data on daily T4 course after transdermal application are available. Objectives of the present study were to assess clinical response and T4 concentrations in hyperthyroid cats treated with transdermal methimazole during a follow-up period of up to 118 months, and to evaluate T4 course during a 10-hour period after methimazole application in selected cats.