Body PartMRI PreferredCT Preferred
BrainArteriovenous malformation and aneurysm
Congenital anomalies
Extra axial trauma with negative CT
Inflammatory disease
Otitis – middle and inner ear
Primary and metastatic neoplasia
Sella and pituitary disease
Complex Fracture
OrbitsCortical blindness or optic pathway disease
Optic neuritis
Retrobulbar neoplasms or masses
Retinal hemorrhage or subretinal effusion
Sudden blindness
Vascular abnormalities
Orbital trauma with fracture
Retrobulbar neoplasms or masses
Head & NeckThyroid masses – differentiated and/or hyperfunctional (in conjunction with thyroid scintigraphy)Nasal Neoplasia
Neck masses or adenopathy
Salivary gland masses
Oropharynx and Nasopharynx
Bony head and neck trauma
Dental associated masses
Skull base neoplasia
Thyroid masses (nonfunctional or poorly differentiated)
SpineCongenital anomalies
Intervertebral disc disease
Primary/secondary spinal cord neoplasia
Paraspinal/vertebral neoplasia
Post operative recurrence of
intervertebral disc disease
Spinal Stenosis
Bony spinal trauma (vertebral fracture)
OrthopedicsAvascular necrosis (i.e. Legg-Calve-Perthes disease)
Joint effusion
Lymphoma and Multiple Myeloma
Meniscal, tendon or ligamentous injury
Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis
Primary bone tumors (in conjunction with bone scintigraphy)
Soft Tissue Sarcomas
Complex Fracture
Prosthesis planning
Neoplasia requiring imaging guidance for biopsy.
AbdomenAdrenal masses
Hepatic masses
Pancreatic masses
Renal masses (in conjunction with renal scintigraphy)
Splenic masses
Ectopic ureter evaluation
Portosystemic shunt (following positive scintigraphic study)
Renal/ureteral calculus evaluation
ThoraxPrimary or metastatic lung carcinoma
Pleural disease
Pneumonia, abscess and empyema
Metastasis screening
PelvisAnal gland adenocarcinoma
Bladder carcinoma
Soft tissue sarcoma
Primary bone tumor
Prostate carcinoma
Uterine neoplasia
Trauma (complex fractures)
CardiovascularCardiac and pericardial masses
VascularIntracranial aneurysm, arteriovenous malformation
Pulmonary embolism
Evaluation of thrombosis including aortic, caval, and portal vein.