Imaging Diagnosis—Multimodality Findings In An Adult Dog With Primary Sarcoma Of The Pulmonary Artery And Myocardial Metastases

Stieger-Vanegas SM, Bottorff B, Sisson D, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound 2016;57:E34-E41.

Intravascular pulmonary artery sarcomas in combination with myocardial metastasis are rare in dogs. We describe the radiographic, echocardiographic, and electrocardiographic-gated (ECG-gated) computed tomographic angiography (CTA) findings in a dog with pulmonary artery sarcoma. All imaging studies demonstrated severe main pulmonary artery enlargement. Echocardiography and ECG-gated CTA revealed a mass occluding the lumen of the right pulmonary artery. In addition, CTA revealed focal left ventricular myocardial contrast enhancement and parenchymal lung changes. Postmortem examination confirmed the presence of a large thrombus associated with arteriosclerosis and an intravascular sarcoma in the right pulmonary artery with metastases to the myocardium, lungs and brain.