Computed Tomographic Features Of Basihyoid Ectopic Thyroid Carcinoma In Dogs

Rossi F, Caleri E, Bacci B, et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound 2013;54:575-581.

Eight dogs with a firm, nonpainful swelling in the ventral laryngeal region and with a final diagnosis of ectopic thyroid carcinoma were investigated by Computed Tomography (CT) at six different institutions. Computed Tomography findings were reviewed, focusing on lesion volume, shape, margins, relationship with surrounding structures and adjacent vessels, attenuation characteristics, and presence of metastases. Ectopic thyroid carcinomas were seen as oval-to-bilobed masses centered on the basihyoid bone with associated bone lysis, highly vascularized capsules with central poorly contrast enhancing areas. In all cases there was laryngeal wall infiltration, in two dogs invasion of the laryngeal lumen and in one case invasion of the ventral muscular and subcutaneous plane. Metastases were found in retropharyngeal lymph nodes (three cases) and in the lung (two cases). Ectopic thyroid carcinoma should be considered in the differential diagnosis when a mass in the basihyoid region is present. Described CT features may be typical for ectopic thyroid neoplasia and could be used to help decide the therapeutic plan.