Cerebellar vermian hypoplasia in a Cocker Spaniel

Lim JH, Kim DY, Yoon JH, et al.

J Vet Sci 2008;9:215-217.

An eight-week-old female Cocker Spaniel was presented with ataxia, dysmetria and intention tremor. At 16 weeks, the clinical signs did not progress. Investigation including imaging studies of the skull and cerebrospinal fluid analysis were performed. The computed tomography revealed a cyst-like dilation at the level of the fourth ventricle associated with vermal defect in the cerebellum. After euthanasia, a cerebellar hypoplasia with vermal defect was identified on necropsy. A polymerase chain reaction amplification of cerebellar tissue revealed the absence of an in utero parvoviral infection. Therefore, the cerebellar hypoplasia in this puppy was consistent with diagnosis of primary cerebellar malformation comparable to Dandy-Walker syndrome in humans.