A spayed female cat with squamous cell carcinoma in the uterine remnant

Hayashi A, Tanaka H, Tajima T, et al.

J Vet Med Sci 2013;75:391-393.

A 7-year-old spayed female domestic short-haired cat presented with dysuria and hematuria that had been unresponsive to medical therapy. Imaging tests such as ultrasonography, urethrocystography and computed tomography revealed a pelvic mass compressing the urethra. Based on histological examination of the mass following surgical resection, the cat was diagnosed squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) derived from the uterine remnant. After surgery, dysuria was resolved, but on instead, urine and fecal incontinence were observed. Then, about four months after surgery, recurrence of the mass and the symptoms was observed. Consequently, the cat was ultimately euthanized. This is the first report of SCC arising from the uterine remnant in a spayed female cat.