Occipital Dysplasia

Etiology Occipital dysplasia is a congenital abnormality of the formation of the occipital bones of the cranium. The most common manifestation of this condition is an underdeveloped occipital bone leading to a dorsoventrally enlarged (“keyhole shaped”) foramen magnum. In patients with this … Read More

Brain Infarction – Hemorrhagic

EtiologyHemorrhagic infarctions (otherwise known as intracerebral hemorrhage or cerebral bleed) are the result of spontaneous hemorrhage within the brain. Underlying conditions that predispose to hemorrhagic infarctions include hypertension, aneurysms and brain tumors. Hemorrhagic infarctions differ from nonhemorrhagic infarctions (otherwise called ischemic infarctions), … Read More

Thanks for the update Rascal

current picture of Rascal with his buddy- still happy as can be Rascal was treated in December 2013 and is home, healthy and hanging out with his pal Molly (a coonhound)Rascal & Molly Molly’s first day at AVMI waiting for … Read More

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