Scintigraphic Findings in 120 Hyperthyroid Cats

Harvey A.M., Hibbert A., Barrett E.L., et al. Journal of Feline Medicine & Surgery, 2009. 11(2): p.96-106.   The aim of this study was to characterise the scintigraphic findings in a large population of hyperthyroid cats in order to determine … Read More

Endocrine Diseases in Animals

Kooistra H.S., Galac S., Buijtels J.J., et al. Horm Res, 2009. 71 Suppl 1: p.144-7.   BACKGROUND: Several endocrine disorders that affect humans also occur as endocrinopathies in companion animals. Spontaneous endocrine disorders in animals may provide valuable information for … Read More

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