Scleromyxoedema in a dog

Laprais AF, Bizikova P, Lashnits EW, et al. Vet Dermatol 2017;28:503-e119. BACKGROUND: In humans, scleromyxoedema is a chronic progressive skin condition traditionally characterized by deposits of mucin, increased number of fibroblasts and fibrosis in the skin, and by systemic disease. … Read More

Serum concentration dynamic of energy homeostasis hormones, leptin, insulin, thyroid hormones, and cortisol throughout canine pregnancy and lactation

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Cardinali L, Troisi A, Verstegen JP, et al. Theriogenology 2017;97:154-158. Pregnancy and lactation represent critical periods of canine reproductive life and different hormones are required to maintain homeostasis and the correct energy requirements. The aim of this study was to … Read More

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