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Serial MRI and CSF Analysis in a Dog Treated with Intrathecal Amphotericin B for Protothecosis

Young M., Bush W., Sanchez M., et al.

J Am Anim Hosp Assoc, 2012. 48(2): p.125-31.

A 3 yr old female spayed English setter mixed-breed dog presented with diarrhea, weight loss, side stepping to the right, and a right head tilt. Rectal and cerebrospinal fluid cytology and culture confirmed a diagnosis of Prototheca zopfii. MRI of the brain showed inflammation of the brain and meninges, ventriculomegaly, and syringomyelia. Treatment with prednisone, itraconazole, and amphotericin B lipid complex administered intrathecally yielded transient improvement. Progressive brainstem signs were noted, and a repeat MRI and cerebrospinal fluid analysis documented persistent disease. This is the first description of the MRI findings and treatment with intrathecal amphoteracin B lipid complex for protothecosis of the central nervous system. Protothecosis should be considered in dogs with chronic diarrhea and compatible MRI findings.