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Magnetic Moments

Imaging Diagnosis-Split Cord Malformation

Zani D.D., Zani D.D., Morandi N., et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, 2010. 51(1): p.57-60.

The features of a calf with a split cord malformation are described. Clinically, there was severe cervicothoracic kyphoscoliosis and an interscapular dermal sinus associated with cerebrospinal fluid drainage. Using magnetic resonance imaging, complete duplication of the spinal cord at the cervical intumescence was detected. There was associated syringohydromyelia, multiple cervicothoracic vertebral malformations resulting in kyphoscoliosis and rachischisis, herniation of the cerebellar vermis, meningoencephalocele, and calvarial defects.