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Progressive Myelopathy Due to a Spontaneous Intramedullary Hematoma in a Dog: Pre- and Postoperative Clinical and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Follow-Up

Thibaud J.L., Hidalgo A., Benchekroun G., et al.

J Am Anim Hosp Assoc, 2008. 44(5): p.266-75.

A 4-year-old, male Jack Russell terrier was presented for a 6-month history of progressive right hemiparesis with episodic cervical hyperesthesia. The neurological examination showed a right-sided, upper motoneuron syndrome and partial Horner's syndrome. Two magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) examinations were performed 3 months apart and revealed a persistent cervical intramedullary hematoma. A dorsal myelotomy was performed. A subacute hematoma was confirmed histologically without underlying lesions. Eighteen months later, the dog's clinical signs were minimal. Two MRI examinations were performed 2 weeks and 5 months after surgery and revealed regressing signal abnormalities at the surgical site, consistent with a surgical scar.