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Subfascial Seroma Causing Compressive Myelopathy after Cervical Dorsal Laminectomy

Lara A. Matiasek, Simon R. Platt, Ruth Dennis, et al.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, 2006. 47(6): p.581-584.

Dorsal surgical approach to the cervical vertebral canal is indicated for a variety of spinal cord diseases. Compressive myelopathy due to subfascial seroma following dorsal laminectomy has not previously been documented in dogs. We describe neurologic findings, magnetic resonance (MR) imaging characteristics and clinical outcome in a young Rottweiler experiencing this complication after a successful dorsal decompression for treatment of cervical stenotic myelopathy. MR imaging allowed detection of pockets of high signal intensity material on T2-weighted images and low signal intensity in T1-weighted images. Prompt surgical revision and drainage allowed complete recovery.