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Magnetic Moments

Mensuration of the Normal Pituitary Gland from Magnetic Resonance Images in 96 Dogs

Kippenes H., Gavin P.R., Kraft S.L., et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound, 2001. 42(2): p.130-3.

The pituitary gland was measured from transverse magnetic resonance T1-weighted images after Gadolinium administration in 96 dogs weighing from 13 to 45 kg. The measurements were done by hand with calipers. The mean (+/- standard deviation) pituitary gland height was 5.1 mm (+/-0.9 mm). The mean width was 6.4 mm (+/- 1.1 mm). The correlation coefficient between pituitary and brain measurements, between pituitary measurement and body weight, and brain measurements and body weight was 0.0 to 0.3. A hyperintense region was present on T1-weighted images in the center of the pituitary gland in 64% of the dogs. At necropsy the pituitary glands were grossly and histologically normal. No pituitary gland measurements were performed at necropsy.