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Quadrigeminal Cisterna Arachnoid Cyst Diagnosed by Mri in Five Dogs

Kitagawa M., Kanayama K. and Sakai T.

Aust Vet J, 2003. 81(6): p.340-3.

Arachnoid cysts of the quadrigeminal cisterna are infratentorial cystic lesions located between the collicular plate and the incisural notch of the tentorium. We report here five cases of quadrigeminal cisterna arachnoid cysts in dogs. In this study, four of the five dogs were male, three showed signs of seizures, and one dog was over 10 years of age. In two of the dogs, cysts were discovered incidentally. In previous reports, most intracranial arachnoid cysts were located in the quadrigeminal cisterna. The presence of cysts should be considered in toy breeds presenting for seizures or ataxia.