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Computed Tomographic Features of Suspected Traumatic Injury to the Iliopsoas and Pelvic Limb Musculature of a Dog

Rossmeisl J.H., Jr., Rohleder J.J., Hancock R., et al.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound, 2004. 45(5): p.388-92.

Computed-tomographic (CT) findings in a dog with acute suspected traumatic injury to the iliopsoas and neighboring pelvic musculature include enlargement of the affected muscles, multifocal intramuscular hypoattenuating areas, and nonuniform contrast enhancement of injured musculature. The CT features are postulated to be the result of intramuscular edema and inflammation, and correspond well to previously described ultrasonographic findings in dogs. Because of the close anatomic association between the femoral nerve and iliopsoas muscle, dogs with suspected iliopsoas injuries should be carefully evaluated for evidence of femoral nerve dysfunction. CT imaging may provide useful information regarding the nature and extent of iliopsoas muscular damage, as well as concurrent injuries in the actuely traumatized patient.