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Ureteral Duplication in a Dog

Meredith L. Esterline, David S. Biller and Gretchen K. Sicard

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, 2005. 46(6): p.485-489.

A male neutered dog of unknown age had recurrent urinary tract infection and caudal abdominal pain. Using sonography, large dilated tubular structure filled with echogenic fluid was seen extending from the left kidney to the level of the bladder neck. In an excretory urogram there was left hydronephrosis with a normal ureter. Computed tomographic evaluation of the abdomen confirmed a large tubular structure extending from the kidney with a blind ending caudally. The left kidney, ureter, and associated tubular structure were surgically removed. No connection was found between the tubular structure and the ureter. Gross evaluation and histopathologic evaluation confirmed the tubular structure to be a ureter, consistent with a diagnosis of ureteral duplication.