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Use of Helical Computed Tomography for Measurement of Thyroid Glands in Clinically Normal Cats

Drost W.T., Mattoon J.S. and Weisbrode S.E.

Am J Vet Res, 2006. 67(3): p.467-71.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the dimensions and volume of thyroid tissue in clinically normal cats by use of computed tomography. ANIMALS: 8 cats. PROCEDURE: Helical computed tomography images (2-mm collimation) were acquired from the cranial aspect of the second cervical vertebra through the caudal aspect of the fourth cervical vertebra. Data were acquired before contrast medium administration (n = 7 cats) and immediately after contrast medium enhancement (1 cat). Length, width, and height measurements of each thyroid lobe were made by use of transverse, dorsal, and sagittal plane images. Thyroid lobe volume was estimated by use of 3 methods. RESULTS: All thyroid lobes were histologically normal. Mean dimensions for a thyroid lobe were 16.5 x 2.00 x 4.31 mm (length x width x height) using only data from transverse images. Mean thyroid lobar volume was 113.75 mm(3) using the sum of areas method. Mean total volume of thyroid tissue was 215.25 mm(3) using the sum of areas method. CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Results may be useful for computed tomography evaluation of abnormal thyroid glands in cats, which warrants investigation.