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Computed Tomographic Characteristics of Multilobular Tumor of Bone Involving the Cranium in 7 Dogs and Zygomatic Arch in 2 Dogs

Hathcock J.T. and Newton J.C.

Vet Radiol Ultrasound, 2000. 41(3): p.214-7.

Computed tomography (CT) images of nine dogs with a multilobular tumor of bone of the head were reviewed. The CT characteristics of the neoplasms involving the calvarium (n = 7) were rounded, well defined with a fine granular, nonhomogeneous bone opacity usually in the occipital region. Cranial vault invasion (5 of 7) was commonly found with a significant portion of the mass within the vault. The neoplasms involving the zygomatic arch (n = 2) were also generally rounded and well defined but with a more coarse granular appearance. The common CT findings were best seen when the images were viewed in a bone window.