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Measurement of Normal Middle Ear Cavity Volume in Mesaticephalic Dogs

Vincent E. Defalque, Diana S. Rosenstein and Edmund J. Rosser Jr.

Veterinary Radiology & Ultrasound, 2005. 46(6): p.490-493.

Water-filling and serial computed tomographic (CT) imaging techniques were used to measure normal middle ear cavity volume (MECV) in 18 dogs (10 live dogs, eight cadavers; 36 ears in total). The specific aims of this study were to (1) compare MECV measurements by water-filling and CT techniques and (2) define a model of MECV vs. body weight (BW) from CT values. There was a significant difference between the two techniques (P=0.02). The volume obtained by water filling was consistently greater than that obtained by computed tomography. MECV (expressed in ml) increased with BW (expressed in kg) according to the following formula: MECV=0.612+0.757 (ln†BW) (P < 0.01, R2=0.74).